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Were American POWs knowingly left behind in Vietnam? YES
Did any of these POWs get out of Vietnam alive? YES
Do you need to hear his incredible story? YES

Spite House
The Last Secret of the War in Vietnam
by Monika Jensen-Stevenson

Spite House coverTwo U.S. marines, both totally loyal to the same beliefs: one is turned into a hunter, and the other into prey. Such a distortion of patriotism would not be credible unless buttressed by hard facts and by the testimony of both men.
In 1965, Marine private Robert Garwood, ten days short of the end of his tour, was sent on a mission from which he did not return. Ambushed by the Vietcong, he was held prisoner for fourteen years. In 1979 he escaped and returned to the United States, where he was hastily court-martialed and convicted of collaborating with the enemy.
Now at last we learn Garwood's true story: a harrowing, profoundly moving, fourteen year struggle to survive and prevail, not only over a cruel and manipulative enemy, but over his own country's secret efforts to kill him.
Part of Colonel Tom McKenney's job in Vietnam was organizing killer teams to eliminate such "traitors," and Garwood became an obsession to him. Only twenty-five years later did he come to the conclusion that Garwood was innocent and, more than that, a hero. Thanks to McKenney's courageous testimony, and to the author's fearless pursuit of facts, an injustice is at last set right and the workings of a dreadful secret machinery are laid bare.
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