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Report from Iron Mountain

Did the U.S. shadow government plan and orchestrate an environmental crisis for the purpose of restricting the freedoms of the American people? Is the next great crisis yet to come — the orchestration of a U.F.O. attack upon the earth?

It is now scientifically possible to project a 3-D hologram into the sky, according to a technology brag on the website of the United States Air Force.

If explosives were planted ahead of time in buildings on the ground, and a hologram of a U.F.O. with beams of light flashing toward the ground were projected, then a very realistic and convincing "attack" could be orchestrated. The explosives would be detonated at the same time that the beams of light flashed, to create the appearance that the U.F.O. was firing upon a city, causing the buildings on the ground to explode.

As we've seen with the orchestrated acts of terrorism which were executed on September 11th, 2001, the momentum that the globalists could gain toward the implementation of the unification of the world would be phenomenal!

The population would be paralyzed by fear and would be susceptible to manipulation and control, in their desire to be saved from this perceived "threat".

This and more was addressed in the Report from Iron Mountain, of which Sid Tolbert speaks in this audio documentary, produced exclusively by Chris Gerner and Amerikan Exposé. The environmental "crisis" of today, the U.F.O. crisis of tomorrow: Are they real crisis, or are we being manipulated as a part of a Hegelian process? Listen here, and then you decide!

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