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Private Property Becoming An 'Endangered Species'
ln King County, Washington State


"The Peasants Press"
August 2004

Property owners in King County Washington are fighting mad. Their county government is considering the most restrictive land use law in the nation.

It is known as the 65-10 Rule, if enacted landowners will be required to set aside 65% of their property and keep it in its natural, vegetative state.

Nothing can be built on this land and if a tree is cut down it must be replanted for example. Building of any sort is prohibited.

Most of the residents that will be directly affected by the 65-10 Rule own property in rural areas of the county. They see the new regulations as a land -grab and a violation of their property rights. "My take is it's stealing- out and out stealing," said county resident Marshall Brenden.

"They're taking 65% of your land that you fought for years to pay for, paid mortgages on and now you can't use it." .

Environmentalists and supporters say the rights of a larger community to save the ecosystem are more important than personal property rights. "We're trying to keep the rural area a place that isn't just McMansions and ball courts, but instead has those natural processes," said Tim Trohimovich of the group 1000 Friends of Washington, which aims to promote healthy communities and cities while protecting farmlands and forests.

The plan is being pushed by King County Executive Ron Sims, who is currently running for governor.

Morrison: They are stealing my land

By Joyce Morrison
Illinois Leader

Every day I get over a hundred emails with information from all across the nation. In recent years, there have been more and more people who are making a desperate plea for help because they are losing their home, their land, livestock or the use of their property.

Just today I received the following from the folks in King County, Washington.

They're stealing our land
By Rodney McFarland, President, Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights

The government of King County, Washington (which is dominated by Seattle) is gearing up to steal 65 percent of the property of landowners in rural King County as the environmental evangelists and their friends in the major media cheer them on. King County is set to pass 500 pages of new regulations that will make rural King County property the most highly restricted property in the United States.

King County, Washington (Seattle) is in the process of passing a series of new ordinances, the most voluminous of which is called the Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO), that will severely affect our friends and relatives who own property in rural King County. They will be forced to give up the use of 65 percent of their property in order to obtain permission to use the other 35 percent, as well as comply with hundreds of pages of other new restrictions.

Imagine having to board up two of your three bedrooms to limit growth in King County, or removing two wheels and the backseat of your car, to solve traffic congestion. King County Executive Ron Sims' solution to both of those problems is to steal 65 percent of his rural neighbors' property.

King County is second only to Oregon's Multnomah County in eliminating the private property rights of its rural landowners in the guise of "saving" the rural environment for the use of the cities' "children". Its policies spread like a cancer to adjoining counties and states.

It is time to stop the spread of this cancer before it consumes the entire West. Several small groups organized as Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) are leading this fight. Their web site at has a lot of information on this issue.

The same story could be told around Portland, Oregon and down the coast of California. On the East Coast it is happening in places like Columbia, South Carolina and Loudon, Virginia. As McFarland said, it is spreading like cancer.

While you are thinking it will never happen in your area, think again. It is already happening in every state in the nation. If you have had consensus meetings or someone has said "we have a vision for you," then you are on your way. (Emphasis of A.E.)

Rarely do board and council members read the small print much less research the issues on which they are making decisions that will permanently effect their communities. It is very possible they will find they have sold their birthright and that of their neighbors -- not for a bowl of porridge -- but for a government grant or an "incentive based program."

Since the midwest is just starting to see the beginning of these trends, many of the subjects I have been writing about will become understandable as they begin to hit home.

To fully understand, you need to first hand encounter someone who is losing their home, their land or their rights. The pain and hurt these people suffer makes you thankful that only by the grace of God you are not facing the same situation. But if we do not do what we can to help them and inform others, the next time it could be us, and no one will come to help.

Wally Krump, Wayne Hage, Kit Laney, Jesse Hardy are only a few names that at this very minute are in a battle for their constitutional rights. Wally Krump and Kit Laney found themselves in jail on supposedly trumped up charges regarding their grazing privileges. Wayne Hage has been in a court battle for 13 years over grazing rights and his court case will continue in October. Jesse Hardy is in a battle for his home in Florida.

The cases of those mentioned above, as well as many others, can be found on a free online subscription to a site that is packed full of national and international information.

A list of victims can be found on "". There are many victims out there who have never had the opportunity to tell their story and they do not have the money to fight for their land.

The following Letter to the Editor to the Eco website has to be one of the most unbelievable ever written. Our military fought many wars and men and women have given their lives to protect us from this Communist ideology. As Derry Brownfield of the Common Sense Coalition would say "this is ignorance gone to seed."

"Land ownership is as stupid as wealth. If you could have chosen your parents, then you might have some claim to land and/or personal wealth. Since none of us chose our parents, then all we 'control' is given by the state. Think about it, if you can."

William L. Fell, P.E.
Alpharetta, GA

Unfortunately people with the beliefs of Mr. Fell are writing policy and sending down regulations for the rest of us to follow and next they will be stealing our land.