The Gernade

How I Spent 12 Years of My Life

In seeing the direction that our government and the world were headed, I had the desire to enjoy life as much as possible. photo Motorcycle racing in the desert brought freedom, adventure, and excitement. However, I quickly saw how the riding areas were being closed down. The Bureau of Land Management regulated the use of the desert, and the environmentalists complained about its Riding areas became more and more restricted, and the few remaining areas got rough and dangerous because they could not heal after the races. The bikers were blamed for the damage, and it became a real Catch-22 situation. Motorcycle racing was largely a family event. Motorcycle clubs from all over the surrounding counties and states sponsored races each year. I belonged to the Buzzards Motorcycle Club. Continuing government regulation has destroyed this sport.

photoI sustained many injuries during these years. My nickname The Gernade came from the fact that I was always going off the bike. Over the years I broke my collar bone, shoulder, ribs, and back. Once, I had a head-on collision with a truck that left me in a coma for a few days. There were countless bad falls, bruises, and sprains. I have been saved many times from death and serious injury. I believe that I was saved for a purpose, and that is to help save freedom through my show Amerikan Exposé.

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